Vincent Smarkusz

Undiscovered American Genius in Modern Art

1960s - Smarkusz painted New Age inspired "Mythic-realism"

Vincent's abstract Fusionism of the 1950s gave way to pastorals of Mythic-realism in the 1960s

While painting in Mexico in the late 1940s Vincent was intrigued by the surrealist paintings of Frita Kahlo.  In the 1950s he created a unique stlye of surreal figurative abstraction we call Fusionism.  In the 1960s he then switched to the painting of realistic mythopoeitic fantasy scenes we call "Mythic-realism".   A New Age Garden of Eden became the central theme around which to create his new style of imagery.
With his new and highly illustrative Mythic-realism, Smarkusz painted lucidly detailed "Eden Frolic" dreamscapes and fantasy pastorals through the 1960s.


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