Vincent Smarkusz

Undiscovered American Genius in Modern Art

1960s - Smarkusz painted New Age inspired "Mythic-realism"

Vincent's abstract Fusionism of the 1950s gave way to his pastoral Mythic-realism in the 1960s

While painting in Mexico in the late 1940s, Vincent became intrigued by the surreal paintings of Frita Kahlo, and through the 1950s he created surrealy abstract human images we call Fusionism.  In the 1960s however he had turned to a fabulist and mythopoetic style of imagery we call "Mythic-realism".  He chose the Garden of Eden as his central theme, around which to arrange his own New Age visions of a more natural, human, and peaceful world.
With his new highly illustrative Mythic-realism, Smarkusz painted lucidly detailed "Eden Frolic" dreamscapes and fantasy pastorals through the 1960s.

To be continued....


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